TA Triumph-Adler still on a growth trajectory

  • Growth in turnover exceeds five percent
  • Financial year concluded in March 2016 with record turnover
  • Targeted initiatives in direct sales an important growth driver

Nuremberg, 25 May 2016. TA Triumph-Adler GmbH concluded the financial year 2015/2016, which ended on 31 March, with a total turnover of 281.3 million euros and the best monthly profit in the history of the company. The trend of recent years is continuing, with substantially positive development of company turnover, in contrast to the overall tendency of the market.

In the financial year 2015/2016, TA Triumph-Adler increased its turnover significantly, and is on a continuous growth trajectory: compared to the previous year, turnover increased by fully five percent, rising to over 281 million euros. Pre-tax profits were also successfully increased.

The company was able to grow significantly, both in the direct distribution channel under the brand TA Triumph-Adler, and through the indirect distribution channel under the brand UTAX. All major key figures were thus higher than those for the previous year, including unit numbers, service turnover, and the fixed volume. Furthermore, a survey of 1,000 customers indicates that customer satisfaction is once again very high. Around two thirds of those surveyed recommend TA Triumph-Adler to others as a service provider and partner.

TA Triumph-Adler has for some time already been pursuing multiple initiatives that are successfully contributing to the growth of the company. These include on the one hand a consistent focus on key accounts and the associated expansion of the project business, and on the other the strengthening of the Consulting & Solution Experts division, which works with software and IT infrastructure solutions. In addition to this, TA Triumph-Adler wants to transfer its solutions consistently into vertical markets. In the last year alone, more than 30 percent of hardware turnover has thus been positively influenced by the solutions business, including the IT-related services and DMS/ECM projects. In direct sales in Germany, TA Triumph-Adler even recently won the largest single order in the history of the company, in the public sector.

“Following our successful turnaround three years ago, we have succeeded in achieving sustainable, profitable growth. Particularly in light of the difficult market conditions, this is far from being a matter of course,” emphasises Christopher Rheidt, Managing Director of TA Triumph-Adler GmbH. “We are planning to significantly exceed the latest turnover growth in the new financial year. In the process, our focus will continue to be on project business and software solutions. In Ceyoniq Technology GmbH, we are delighted to have a further partner at our side for the expansion of the solutions business.”

In order to achieve these growth targets, TA Triumph-Adler will not only proceed steadily with the aforementioned initiatives, but will also start with new ones. The aim is to become an even stronger “single supplier” partner for digital corporate solutions. For purposes of opening up new business segments and expanding the core business, TA Triumph-Adler is planning to hire up to 40 new sales personnel over the coming two years.

Intensive customer focus, excellent service and accurate evaluation of the needs of the customers, particularly in facing the challenges of digitalisation: Christopher Rheidt believes these are the central factors responsible for the success of TA Triumph-Adler. “We place our customers centre stage, and aim to give them integrated support and individual advisory services,” says Christopher Rheidt. “This allows us to react rapidly and flexibly to all the challenges our customers wish to tackle with our support and expertise – even when it comes to topics such as cloud computing, mobility, security and ECM. Because this is exactly what the project business is about.”

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About TA Triumph-Adler GmbH:

The TA Triumph-Adler GmbH is the German specialist for Document Business and with 117 years of history on its back it belongs to one of the most traditional brands in the ICT sector. Today, TA Triumph-Adler develops and delivers integrated Managed Document Services (MDS), which cover the complete document processing procedure. The aim is to support the ongoing networking and mobilisation of office work. The services include the individual analysis and advice of business customers, the implementation of an IT based document workflow and the continuous process optimisation using the own asset and system management solution TA Cockpit, which has received awards such as the IT Innovation Award 2011. The company is a full-range supplier in document management and has an own financial service provider called TA Leasing GmbH, which enables business customers almost every form of financing. TA Triumph-Adler is renowned for its personal customer support and extensive service across Germany, which is certified by TÜV Süd. In Germany the company distributes via direct sales with a dense network of regional Solution Centres in 35 locations, of which 29 are distribution sites. On top of these there are 13 further locations in five countries as well as distribution partners in EMEA. With the Triumph-Adler foundation "Triumph für Kinder" (Account no. 5 260 500, Branch code 760 400 61), the company takes social and socio-political responsibility, is committed to environmental protection and follows an efficient and comprehensive corporate governance. Since October 2010, 100 percent of TA Triumph-Adler GmbH together with its registered trademark UTAX belongs to Kyocera Document Solutions Inc. based in Osaka, Japan. The company head office is in Nuremberg with the operative headquarters in Norderstedt near Hamburg.