TA Triumph-Adler are cooperating with the start-up scene and expanding their portfolio to incorporate new digital solutions

  • Digitalisation is bringing with it new forms of working and processes – with opportunities and challenges for companies from all sectors.
  • TA Triumph-Adler are cooperating with the Berlin start-up scene in order to formulate new digital solutions for customers of the company.
  • TA Triumph-Adler is providing the new partners with access to customers as well as sales expertise. In exchange, the customers receive corresponding solutions associated with the new technologies.

Nuremberg, 9 June 2016. After the successful course taken by the company during the last few financial years, TA Triumph-Adler are now focusing on new services in the fields of information, processes and IT: Targeted networking with partners from the start-up scene is creating new and innovative digital solutions for customers.

In the coming decade, digitalisation will revolutionise society and the economy comprehensively: Hardly any aspect of work or life will be exempted from this. New digital working processes and forms of work will be created in almost all parts of the public and private sectors as well as the legal system – driven in part by statutory regulations on the digital transformation. At the same time the pressure on costs and performance requirements placed on companies and their IT will continue to increase.

Therefore, TA Triumph-Adler no longer focuses only on classical hardware and software associated with printing, copying and scanning but rather on services and consulting with respect to drivers of the digital document and information management such as cloud and mobility, analytics as well as social and security solutions.

In order to be able to offer corresponding integrated solutions and services in the future for today's core business, TA Triumph-Adler have entered into an intensive cooperation process with the start-up scene in Berlin. The company is focusing on the search for innovative partners who are extremely proficient in dealing with new technologies for process optimisation, data analytics and cyber security so that these technologies can also be made available to the company's customers.

Through the cooperation with partners from the start-up scene and other companies, TA Triumph-Adler are aiming to trigger an exchange of knowledge and generate new ideas which will enrich their own business model. And at the same time provide customers with specific benefits. "Together with our partners we want to help customers create the digital processes of today and in the future to be faster, cheaper and more efficient,” says Christopher Rheidt, Managing Director of TA Triumph-Adler GmbH. "At the same time, digitalisation is also opening up greater opportunities to us for further growth”.

In order to be able to specifically meet individual requirements, TA Triumph-Adler continuously involve their customers in the development of new services. For instance, the company brings together customers and partners at events and conferences – for example with "digital tours" of the Berlin start-up scene. Solutions developed here are put into practice directly with customers. Flexible forms of financing are providing not only these "lead users", but also all other customers with the necessary room for manoeuvre. The maxim that applies here is: "Services from SMEs for SMEs" – because TA Triumph-Adler also want to test the new solutions intensively within their own company. The first applications and services, for example in the areas of business intelligence and data security, are already available from these collaborations.

With an additional site in the team rooms of the coworking hub of St. Oberholz in Berlin, TA Triumph-Adler are also moving physically closer to the start-up scene and actively bringing the various stakeholders together. All parties are benefiting from the cooperation – but especially the partners from the start-up scene: They are provided with access to a large customer base and the entire sales expertise of TA Triumph-Adler. However, there is no desire to take over the partners. "We do not want to integrate the start-ups into our companies," says Christopher Rheidt. "That would destroy their culture”.

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About TA Triumph-Adler GmbH:

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